Custom Packages</br> to suit your needs

Custom Packages
to suit your needs

Our Jewish Morocco Tours can be customized to suit your interests, offering the flexibility to include an in-depth or moderate amount of Jewish heritage sites.

Request full itinerary before booking

Request full itinerary before booking

We commit to provide full itinerary details and extra pieces of information upon your request weeks before your travel. We value your time and wish to help you get the most of your travel with us.

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Professional Customer support

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What makes Morocco safe for American and Jewish travelers?

SM le Roi Mohammed VI visite «Bayt Dakira», espace de préserv

Morocco’s grand history of which Jews have historically been apart. Morocco’s history of Jewry and the co-mingling of Jews with Berbers and Arabs are a key factor in why Morocco is safe for Jewish travelers today. Morocco is a country of Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Jews first arrived in Morocco during pre-Christian times, accompanying the Phoenicians on their trade expeditions across the coast of Morocco. In the countryside, Jewish and Berber tribes tilled the soil side by side together for two thousand years speaking the Berber dialect. In the towns and cities, Jewish merchants and financiers were valued by successive Moroccan rulers who protected them.

Where are Morocco’s main Jewish sites?

Morocco’s main Jewish sites are located in Marrakesh and Fes because these two Imperial Cities have preserved Jewish Mellahs in the old medinas, however Jewish sites can be found throughout Morocco. The majority of those located in the new cities or villages are well-preserved. All Jewish sites are protected by the Kingdom of Morocco.

"Netanyahu and Mohammed VI both raised the prospect of resuming direct flights between the countries and the opening of diplomatic missions."

Historic’: Israel, Morocco agree on diplomatic ties ‘as soon as possible’


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Explore Morocco's Jewish heritage and culture

With a historic Jewish community that once permeated all Moroccan life, discovering Morocco on a Jewish heritage tour offers the opportunity to discover its rich, harmless past.


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